• Internet telemanagement
  • Investment redeemed in 3 years
  • Plug&Play installation… immediate, cable-free and without building work
  • No travelling to the watering points
  • More than 100 municipalities in 6 countries telemanaged with SAMCLA
  • Immediate detection and stoppage of water leaks
  • Water savings of over 50%


It was probably strolling in our town, or through any other municipality, on some rainy day; sprinklers watering while the rain wet the streets, squares and gardens. Could it be so difficult to avoid this?

Rain sensors were already being used in agricultural and garden environments, etc. The problem was that it was unviable to use hundreds or thousands of sensors to control all of the watering points around the town. And sitting down to consider the situation still further, how much would it cost to travel to all of these points to change the watering programs or simply to turn them off as needed? It would be fantastic if the municipal managers or maintenance companies could control all of these dispersed watering points in a simple manner from their mobile phones or from their computers or tablets… it would be much more comfortable, a lot of travelling would be avoided, maintenance time could be devoted to other jobs, accidents due to inefficient watering because of the wind could be avoided, watering would be prevented in conditions of low temperatures at which the water freezes and, above all, very large savings could be achieved in water consumption.

We had discovered a new way of understanding urban maintenance: Telemanagement of its green areas via the Internet and we set to work…

Samcla was founded in September 2002 and since mid-2007 has led the sector of telemanagement of watering in green areas in public and private spaces. Now more than 100 municipalities in 6 different countries benefit from the SAMCLA® SMARTPRO system for the telemanagement of their green areas. Many of them control all of their watering points and check their water meters and possible leaks, their ornamental fountains and even their lighting each day. SAMCLA designs, manufactures, markets and gives after-sales support on all of its products. Its reason for being and its only concern is Telemanagement.

In 2015, SAMCLA will be breaking into the residential telemanagement sector with its  SAMCLA® SMARTHOME product to control private gardens and homes. The most successful professional technology can now be applied to our gardens and dwellings.

Once more we try to be the first to continue to be the first...


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