In collaboration with the AMF for almost 20 years, the “Salon des maires”, which takes place in Paris from 21 to 23 November, gathers nearly 800 exhibitors and 48,000 visitors to find out sustainable solutions for the cities of the present and future.

You will find us at Pavilion 3 – Stand C81 to explain you all the news!

It is the meeting that brings together the largest number of elected officials and actors from French towns and cities who work daily in the management and development of the territories.

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New SAMCLA FOCUS controllers!

Battery-powered 1, 2, 4 or 6 stations controllers, to irrigate areas that want to be controlled locally with Bluetooth.

  • More than three years battery lifetime
  • Longe range: activations up to 200 metres cable
  • On site irrigation even without smartphone
  • Anti-theft system
  • Very low maintenance cost: 2 batteries 1,5v AA operated

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It is a pleasure to announce that from now on SAMCLA becomes part of the Scarabelli Group

After 20 years of experience, we think this is the best decision to give our brand the impulse it deserves and that the market and our customers demand.

We do it with a leading company in the distribution of irrigation products in the Italian market, with 50 years of history, with whom SAMCLA has been collaborating for almost 10 years and with whom we share a non-negotiable vocation of service.

Manel Claus and Jordi Samon, founding partners of SAMCLA, will continue leading this project with the highest ambition, as always, to make our products available everywhere, to improve the offer and above all, to guarantee the quality and service that Telemanagement systems demand. We would like to take this moment to thank all our clients, partners and collaborators for their trust during all these years, without which SAMCLA would not be what it is and without which this future project would not be possible. We hope to continue counting on your trust in this new and exciting stage that is just beginning.

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This week we are at EIMA 2022, the International Exposition of Machinery for Agriculture and Gardening in Bologna with our partner in Italy Scarabelli Irrigazione srl

We are presenting our SAMCLA Infinite sustainable irrigation telemanagement system.

Discover how to save more than 40% irrigation water with our new products, with more range, more battery lifetime & more applications.

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gestión inteligente de riego Samcla Marbella

The Marbella City Council (Malaga) created in 2020 eight new green areas equipped with an intelligent irrigation management system, increasing the city’s tree heritage by more than 10,700 square meters.

This has been pointed out by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has affirmed that the priority “is to continue maintaining and increasing this type of area, taking care of the environment and improving neighbors life quality.”

The councilor, in addition, has underlined that “the town has a great plant wealth, both by units and by species, it will be in the first place of the province with 29.7 square meters of green areas per inhabitant, being also a reference at the national level above cities like Vitoria (26.7), doubling in Madrid (15.7) and Seville (11.2) and tripling in Malaga (7.67) “.

For his part, the mayor of Parks and Gardens, Diego López, has specified that the eight new spaces are located on Avenida Duque de Lerma (Plaza de Toros), Avenida España and Barronal de la Morera (Las Chapas), Avenida Príncipe Salman (Nueva Andalucía), Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe boulevard and Santillana del Mar street (Marbella).

He explained that “these actions have led to different types of landscaping, such as meadow areas, palm plantations, shrubs and new intelligent irrigation management systems to optimize water consumption and carry out acidic control of each species and season.

For this, as pointed out by the mayor, “more than fifty new automations have been carried out with the aim that, in the future, all green areas of the municipality have this form of remote management and supervision of irrigation, advancing in the reality of ‘ Marbella Smart City ‘“.

The 40 beaches managed by AMB, and maintained by FCC Servicios Ciudadanos, are starting to incorporate sensors to monitor the waste container filling.

The SamclaCity-Waste telemanagement system, by means of remote devices incorporating ultrasonic sensors and innovative proprietary communication technology, enables real-time knowledge of container fill levels, optimisation of truck routes, reduction of carbon footprints, analysis of collection frequencies, citizen usage habits, etc.

The data obtained by the sensors are integrated in the software developed by Samcla itself, as well as in other management platforms developed by maintenance concession companies and in Smart City type platforms managed by the Public Bodies.

The municipality of Pozuelo de Alarcón, with more than 1,000 hectares of green areas, has carried out the second phase of installation of the SamclaCity-Water Telemanagement System. 750 remotely managed irrigation controllers make it possible to control 75% of the municipality’s automated irrigation network. At the same time, water meter remote reading devices have also been installed to monitor and control, in real time, the consumption and possible leakage of water from municipal parks and gardens.

For Pozuelo de Alarcón City Council, the implementation of this telemanagement system results in very significant water savings, a saving of resources for the maintenance of parks and gardens, as well as further confirmation of the municipality’s commitment to the environment and the new water culture.

Bilbao City Council has installed the SamclaCity-Water Telemanagement System to control, via the Internet, the more than 1,200 programmers that make up the irrigation network of the city’s parks and gardens. With the installation of this telemanagement system, in addition to the great savings in water consumption (more than 35% according to data provided by municipal officials), the maintenance company, UTE Espacios Verdes Bilbao, will obtain significant savings in time and management for the control of the programmer network. This telemanagement of the programmers is complemented by the installation of remote water meter reading devices that allow the detection of leaks and improper consumption, with immediate automatic water cut-off in any of the green areas of the city.