Marbella City Council creates more than 10,700 square meters of green areas with SAMCLA intelligent irrigation management

gestión inteligente de riego Samcla Marbella

The Marbella City Council (Malaga) created in 2020 eight new green areas equipped with an intelligent irrigation management system, increasing the city’s tree heritage by more than 10,700 square meters.

This has been pointed out by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, who has affirmed that the priority “is to continue maintaining and increasing this type of area, taking care of the environment and improving neighbors life quality.”

The councilor, in addition, has underlined that “the town has a great plant wealth, both by units and by species, it will be in the first place of the province with 29.7 square meters of green areas per inhabitant, being also a reference at the national level above cities like Vitoria (26.7), doubling in Madrid (15.7) and Seville (11.2) and tripling in Malaga (7.67) “.

For his part, the mayor of Parks and Gardens, Diego López, has specified that the eight new spaces are located on Avenida Duque de Lerma (Plaza de Toros), Avenida España and Barronal de la Morera (Las Chapas), Avenida Príncipe Salman (Nueva Andalucía), Príncipe Alfonso Von Hohenlohe boulevard and Santillana del Mar street (Marbella).

He explained that “these actions have led to different types of landscaping, such as meadow areas, palm plantations, shrubs and new intelligent irrigation management systems to optimize water consumption and carry out acidic control of each species and season.

For this, as pointed out by the mayor, “more than fifty new automations have been carried out with the aim that, in the future, all green areas of the municipality have this form of remote management and supervision of irrigation, advancing in the reality of ‘ Marbella Smart City ‘“.